Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Splendor Blog Hop

And I have a MAJOR apology to ALL of the very talented crafty ladies involved in this Holiday Splendor Blog Hop.
I am new to the blogging world, and as Angie full well knows, not the sharpest when it comes to technology.I thought that I had copy and pasted ALL the other bloggers addresses, and I did not.
Here they are!

1. Angela Holt (Angela Holt Designs)
2. Connie Mercer--
3. Lorrie Simons--
4. Tabetha Watson--
5. Jan Hennings--
6. Michelle Wells--
7. Dee Dee Carton--
8. Barbara Ohanlon- This one coming soon!!! Leave blank so that I can send you the link later.
9. Susan Brown--

I have enjoyed viewing each of your blogs, and have been inspired to explore more creative ways of crafting!


Well, as stated in my previous post, I ended up "scrapping" 3 other projects, before finding just one that I was happy with, so that being said, I have to add that although it is not what one might consider a "traditional" Christmeas piece, it is very personal to me.

This Christmas for the very first time in my life, I am living thousands of miles away from what I always called home, now aside for the obvious that I will miss the most, MY FAMILY, there is just one thing that I love to see at Christmas time, and that is snow, Yep I said it, snow. This year with the expensive move across country depleting our funds, getting "home" for the holidays is quite unlikely, the other thing that is unlikely? Snow in here in Tampa, lol, so without further adu' here is is, my Christmas wish, "Let It Snow".


I used a12x12 stretched canvas as the base, several Canvas Corp pieces, and many other accessories, the best accessories of all, my Want 2 Scrap Bling, they were absolutely perfect for my snowy Christmas theme!

Thank You Angie Holt for this opportunity, and Thank You Want 2 Scrap!

Ugh, Artistic Block Sucks!

So, here it is......I consider myself an artist. An artist in many mediums; canvas, jewelry, mixed media art and so on. And with that comes the dreaded "ARTIST BLOCK". I am sharing this because I had decided to enter into my very first "blog hop", and after viewing other blogs of those also doing the "hop" (and I forgot to mention it is a holiday blog hop) I realized that all I really had going for my was my imagination, I don't have alot of fancy machines and things, I do however have lots of ink, and ink accessories, paint embellishments paper and so on and so on.
Fast forward past the first 3 failed projects, and I think think, ,maybe, just maybe the fourth one could be a strong contender, lol, at this very moment, still waiting for glue to dry and ink....

I had lost all confidence until I realized that I do have imagination and talent. While the following is something I did a year or two ago, with postcards from our vacation in Key West, and found seashells, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, I made art for our walls, so as a teaser for my yet to dry Holiday Blog Hop project, here my first "scrapbook memory" wall art. Be back this evening with the finished holiday project...