Friday, March 9, 2018

What An Exciting Day! My First CCB Creative Crew Project Post!

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I am so excited to
be sharing with you, 
the link to my first official
Canvas Corp Brand Creative Crew
project post.
A spring inspired clutch purse,
created from a canvas banner.
Yes a banner.

For full details on how I made this beauty
 and link to the
 Canvas Corp Brands online shop,
visit The Creative Studio link below the photo,
or visits the links here:

This was a such a fun project to do,
I hope you check it out, and find yourself inspired.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Giving An Old Lampshade New Life

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So, technically spring is still days away, but here in the Ohio valley, we have been teased a bit
of that upcoming bliss with warmer 
than average temperatures for this time of year.

So naturally, that has had me in a "re-habbing" mood, especially with my home decor.
For it is the time of year, to shake the winter blahs, and bring new life, into my decor.

My latest obsession in decor has been
Farmhouse/Shabby/French Flea Market designs.
I am also a fan of working with what I have, and just making subtle changes.

A few months ago while perusing a clearance section in the fabric dept. at my local Hobby Lobby, I found a French Script shower curtain, for like $3.

Of course I snatched it up.

The first projects I completed, was recovering my unsightly white linen drum lampshades on my living room lamps.

Having leftover material, I decided to do the same with the old lampshade for this small lamp.

So, I measured, cut, ironed & glued the fabric to the existing lampshade, and added some gorgeous fringe in a coordinating color.

This was a simple & easy project, with lots of decorative punch when finished.

And so lovely in our entryway hallway.

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Visit again soon, and see what other creative endeavors are a foot!

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Jewel Tone Foiled Bottle How To

Hello, welcome to INSPIRE.

Today I wanted to share the link 
to the ScraPerfect blog, where today
you will find my latest project using
the innovative ScraPerfect products.

A beautiful jewel toned bottle.

For full details on how I made this bottle, visit the ScraPerfect blog at:

For ScraPerfect products, 
visit the ScraPerfect store at:

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May you find yourself inspired to create!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How To Make A Shabby Chic Fancy Floral Bird

Hello & welcome to 

I feel as though I have found 
a long lost friend.
I have finally completed 
the journey from the flu, 
to near wellness, and 
back to my crafting space.
And I am thrilled!

Today I completed a two day project,
a Shabby Chic inspired bird,
made with air dry clay.

For the "form", I used
a blown lightbulb & leftover wooden knob
 from a past project.
I wrapped several layers of tissue paper around them both, and bound with masking tape.

I then followed a 1 to 1 ratio of
 gel medium to water, and strips of craft paper card stock to make a solid mache' form in which to add the clay to.

The clay I absolutely love to use is Das Air Dry Modeling Clay. It is light weight, and so easy to use and form. And can be found at your local Hobby Lobby & Michaels.

Basically I created a med thick clay "skin" and applied it to the bird form. I use damp hands to smooth and manipulate the clay to cover the form completely and then I let it dry to a slightly dampened state.

Using the same technique, I formed and shaped the wings, eye sockets, tail & beak and while slightly wet, applied and formed them into the body.

I wanted to give the bird a slightly carved looked, so I made striations with a ceramic tool over the wings.

Once the clay had dried, I used a dry paint technique, using a mousy grey acrylic paint first, then white washing it with a water downed white acrylic paint.

When the paint had thoroughly dried, I used a dry
scouring sponge to lightly sand over the entire surface of the bird, to remove any rough spot of clay, and lend to a distressed look.

To accent the bird, I used floral embellishments of daisies & leaf petals, painted with mild paint, alternating a pattern in applying them, and I used heavy duty epoxy glue to attach them.

To completely finish the bird, I used a thin coat of 
Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam in Clear, which just gives a hint of glimmer with it's slightly glossy finish.

You can find Glimmer Glam & the entire Tattered Angels line of products at Canvas Corp Brands online shop, along with other great CCB products like 
7Gypsies, Ken Oliver, Aga Baraniak & more.

Thanks so much for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed this project, and feel inspired to create one for yourself.

Until next time.........Crafty Blessings!